Quiet Brilliance #20

The seventh of nine lost sessions … This one was a recap of some of the best stuff from the past two months of shows sprinkled with new things too. Some of these records are just plain fantastic.

….Between July and December 2019 I delivered 22 shows to Jazzuary FM, 13 of which got to the archive. Thus, I’m posting the 9 lost sessions.

This was the #20th Quiet Brilliance show to “air”…

“Weekly adventures in quietly and brilliantly grooving ark-ival jazz, soul and related sounds and spirits, spanning the planet and recorded history – classics and future classics, dug-for treasures, materials variously recombined and reworked. The quiet (and sometimes not-so quiet), and the brilliant, so-labelled in reference to Ken Quashie’s and Kodwo Eshun’s respective guidebooks for such a sonic journey. The luminaries inevitably feature, meaning names and sounds like Coltrane, Herbie, Stevie, Minnie, Dilla, Dego, and plenty of less-commonly mentioned but just as significant characters, a healthy dose of latin, and African sounds, broken beat for sure, smatterings of gospel, folk, Indian classical, no doubt occasional hip-hop, drum & bass, and new electronic mutations thereof, all wrung through the machinery of electronic music and performed afresh as befitting a present era producing-performing-DJ augmented by the tools of the times.”

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