Something extra, something special. An overdue bonus edition. An hour of some beautiful soul and jazz music from across the eras, past to present, topped and tailed by Warm Days music. Blast it. The world must know such.

1. QB Smith presents Warm Days feat Khensy and Adam Glasser Strawberry Supernova

2. Donny Hathaway Love, Love, Love

3. Dilouya’s Faithful Circus feat Omar Over The Sun

4. Mica Paris I Should’ve Known Better

5. The Futures Aint Got Time Fa Nuthin

6. Take 6 Spread Love

7. Roberta Flack Tryin Times

8. John Blake Jr Motherless Child

9. Matthew Halsall Cherry Blossom

10. Moe Koffman Days Gone By (Egyptology)

11. Warm Days feat Khensy Sunrise (QB’s Soweto Mix)

3 thoughts on “QB’s Soulanova

  1. The vocals on strawberry supernova just so heartfelt the whole production just culminates into a soothing sound for the soul. Much appreciation!!

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