QB Smith Patterns March 20 2016

The last 3 hours of my 7 hour set – typical of the jams I play at Patterns – just me, and no talking on this one – no apologies for the heavy bias towards Josh/Louie. It is what it is.

1. Dego Dont Stop

2. Temika Moore Every Word QB EDIT

3. Sheree Hicks DJ Pope Keeping My Composure

4. Sandra St Victor Eternal QBs Floor EDIT

5. Distant People My Love Song QB EDIT

6. Miranda Nicole Kai Alce Dance Like You’ve Been Here Before

7. Shino Blakk Fasola

8. Blakai Work It Out QB EDIT

9. Adam Rios Mike City We Keep Going Tyrone Francis BNY Vocal

10. Jaidene Veda Feat Josh Milan Beautiful Ndinga Gaba

11. MdCL Feels Like Home

12. Dawn Luvn WIlliams Im Your Gypsy

13. DJ E-Clyps Masterpiece QB EDIT

14. Zepherin Saint Make a Better Life QB EDIT

15. 3 Winans Dance

16. QB Smith Khanya

17. Lilac Jeans Whistle Dancer

18. Sacha WIlliamson Blame QB EDIT

19. Dawn Tallman Wade In The Water

20. EOL Love Will Know BNY EDIT

21. Honeysweet Put A Spell On You

22. Latrecia Peteet 4 Women

23. Nina Simone See-Line Woman MAW

7 thoughts on “QB Smith Patterns March 20 2016

  1. I enjoy what you produce and play Mr Smith. You are one of the artist I will follow for a long time. Keep working hard big up.

  2. QB Smith sir, I can no longer download from your website. If I click ‘download’, the mix only plays and cannot be saved. Please do something.

  3. Hi guys , I just want to say thank you for the amazing work you are putting forth.

    (been about a week since i discovered this blog, and its all that i’ve been listening to.)

    Keep up the great job.
    I love it.
    Thanks QB, bless you and all the guys you work with.

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