Selected Recent Discography

David Bailey Running Me Wild QB’s Rewrite – Good Vibrations

QB Smith feat Keorapetse Kolwane Sais (Egypt) – Warm Days

Sun Doe The Real Nitty-Gritty – Warm Days

Kaylow Down For Each Other – Sony Africa

Sean McCabe feat Dawn WIlliams Grow QB’s Green Mix – Good Vibrations

QB Smith  feat Lady Alma and Kabomo Khanya (The Light: Ode To Dilla)

Somi Akobi First Born Sun

MdCL feat Nia Andrews Holler QB’s Warm Days Remix / QB’s Hot mix

Khensy feat MdCL Hiya Kaya QB’s Bootleg

Sandra St Victor Eternal QB’s Hot mix

Kaylow Sthandwa Sam

Dalminjo feat Pete Simpson and Zara McFarlane If This World Were Mine QB’s Hot mix

Warm Days feat Andile Yenana and Thandi Ntuli Coffee and Honey

QB Philosophy of Heat

Selfish Skies Remix

Album: Hot Music Volume One

QB, MdCL, and Brian Temba Man Of Summer

Sai and Ribatone feat Thiwe Avenue of Dreams QB’s Hot mix

QB Smith Time Soul World

Mi Casa Heavenly Sent (QB’s Warm Days Remix)

Atjazz feat Clara Hill Sense of Life (QB’s Hot Mixes) – Atjazz Record Company

Masa Sextet feat Bembe Segue Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe (QB mixes) …

Warm Days feat Khensy and Adam Glasser Strawberry Supernova – Warm Days

QB – Yes No Maybe

Simbad feat Brian Temba Come Join In (QB’s Starry Nights In Sunnyside) – Hi.Rise

Warm Days feat Swindle and Natalie Maddix Selfish Skies – Warm Days

60 Hertz Capricorn QB’s Hot Nights Mix – GOGO music

Shake The Dog feat Monique Bingham Do It (QB’s Hot mixes) – Warm Days

Warm Days feat Khensy Sunrise – Warm Days

Warm Days feat MdCL and Za’belle Red To Green – Warm Days

7 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Hoping to be one of the first 10 people to grab ur cd. Will be delighted to get a special signed one.

    Loving your work Sir Smith!!!


  2. Where can one get hold of this classics Jose Carretas ft Angel A Breathe QB EDIT and deep xcape after the rain. I wanna blaze them in my neighbourhood. Please respond in need.

  3. You really make powerful music that I dream to produce, Thank you for blessing us with that.
    How does one get to attend your classes and what are the costs involved?

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