Producer, Performer, Song writer, Educator.

As a teenager and into early twenties, DJ’ed throughout the 1990s (to present day), studied for an (incomplete) BTech in Pop Music, while assembling home studio, and making the occasional record.

Graduated 2004 BA Hons Sound Design and began fruitful working relationship with various London Jazz musicians such as pianist Peter Edwards, recording and releasing on a more frequent basis.

Launched the Warm Days label 2010.

Having established a large following in South Africa, moved from London to Johannesburg in 2012 (returning to the UK end of 2016)

Began teaching Music Production and related subjects 2014.

Spent 2016  gigging and recording duo album with South African Jazz pianist Yonela Mnana

Presently tutoring students on practices of electronic music performance, that seamlessly blend DJ techniques, studio production, and traditional music instrumentalism.

Brand ambassador for White Ribbon Campaign South Africa, the world’s largest male led campaign against violence against women.


Sun Doe Single and Forthcoming LP
Album: Hot Music Volume One
Singles  Khanya feat Lady Alma and Kabomo, “Strawberry Supernova”, “Man of Summer” , “Selfish Skies”,  etc
Remixes of Khensy “Hiya Kaya” , Monique Bingham “Do It”, Brian Temba “Come Join In”, Atjazz “Sense Of Life”, 60 Hertz “Capricorn” etc
Featured on DJ Spinna’s “Southport Weekender Vol 9” (UK release), Shuya Okino’s Tokyo Crossover nights 2012 (Japan release), Vinny da Vinci’s compilations “Deep House 8 & 9”, Mi Casa’s platinum album (amongst various others)


16 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Aaaaah Salute Qhawe la Bantu!!! You are amazing!!! You blessed me at the Mother Of All Parties!!! Wish we see more of you in Durban again soon!!! I’m still loving your mix of Sense of life!!! Your production is amazing and unique. Much Respect!!!

  2. Keep up the good work man,your music inspires me a lot especialy the jazz part of of it,since I wld love to play some jazz instruments(piano/keyboard) in future.

  3. Big up to you QB for your value added contributions to our arts fraternity! You inspire a lot of confidence and hope to see you soon as I heard you are in Kimberley today.

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