Way Back When Volume One

It’s three years since the “I Remember House…” mix, which wasn’t house at all. This, is the follow up, Way Back When Volume One, a selection of choice boogie and disco, the stuff that house was born from. If Frankie Knuckles (rest in peace) is the godfather of house, then these songs are (some of) the godparents of today’s house songs. Most of these are late 70s, with a few being early 80s. Although I didn’t know them till the late 80s and in some cases the 90s. I was discovering these things as a young DJ, a collector, and a clubber, in the record shops, on the radio, and of course hearing other DJs playing them in the clubs. Some of them were huge hits, others not quite so well known.

1. Howard Johnson So Fine

2. Leroy Burgess Heartbreaker

3. Rene & Angela I Love You More

4. Leroy Hutson Classy Lady

5. Stevie Wonder Do I Do

6. Teddy Pendergrass Take Me In Your Arms Tonight

7. Eighties Ladies Tell Him

8. Sylvester Over and Over QB EDIT

9. Patrice Rushen Call On Me

10. Brenda Russell Way Back When

11. Gladys Knight Taste Of Bitter Love QB EDIT

12. Chaka Khan What You Did

13. Melba Moore Standing Right Here QB EDIT

14. Linda Clifford Runaway Love

15. Linda Evans I Am Gold

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