Warm Days in Africa: QB Smith at House 22 Friday February 22, 2013

First time back in a while, we were meant to have Brian Temba live, but have had to rearrange due to Brian needing to get to Durban for the Metro FM awards that day. QB and Brian at House 22 is coming soon…

1. Ron Trent feat Tkumah Sadeeq Cross Roads
2. Atelewo Infinity QB Edit
3. Dirtytwo Moody
4. Eric Kupper Solace Entry 2013
5. QB Yes No Maybe
6. Sai and Ribatone feat Thiwe Avenue of Dreams QB Edit
7. QB Smith, MdCL, Brian Temba Man Of Summer (demo instr)
8. Kemit feat Osunlade Transform QB Edit
9. Kemit feat Sepesenahki Spread Love
10. GU I Am Not In Love Remix
11. GU So Amazing
12. Trinidadian Deep Sweetness You Bring
13. Four Walls You Know Me GU Remix
14. Mr Fingers Children At Play
15. Robert Owens Sacrifice Kai Alce Remix
16. Kemetic Just The Lesson part 1
17. Likwid Biskit Herbs and Spice
18. 2000 Black feat Face Lost It
19. Letta Mbulu Nomalizo
20. Sharon Brown-Adams I Cant Seem

7 thoughts on “Warm Days in Africa: QB Smith at House 22 Friday February 22, 2013

  1. Aaaah you are that one producer/deejay that collects n blends those jams accordingly. I dig your style big time.

    Other thing is that you are consistent. Keep maintaining that standard Sir. Respect all the way from Pretoria.

    Its all about chillas!!! Cheers…

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